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When we hear the word "addiction", many images come to our mind. We see the falling down drunk. We see a woman who sells her body in exchange for a "fix." We remember a permanently disabled teen in a wheelchair because of a drunk-driving accident. We read about a famous entertainer who died, and another whose sensational sex scandals are splashed across the tabloids. Most of us know a friend or family member, whose lives are affected by addiction. We all know that addiction is a serious problem. But behind that widely held agreement are many disagreements and questions. How big are addiction problems exactly? How does addiction differ from experimentation, misbehavior, and bad habits? What causes addiction? How does one overcome it? How successful is addiction treatment? How should society respond to individuals with addiction? What should governments do about addiction? Is addiction mostly a modern problem? Is the addiction problem getting worse?

This article will not resolve all the passionate debates surrounding these questions. With so much controversy and differences of opinion, it is often difficult to separate fact from opinion, and myth from reality. Therefore, our goal is more modest: To help you, the reader, gain a better understanding of this complex issue so that you can form your own opinions about addiction. In this way, if you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction problem, you can make an informed decision about what to do about it.


Latest News
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Medical Pot-Painkiller Combo Isn't Always Recipe for Abuse
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U.S. Painkiller Abuse 'Epidemic' May Be Declining, Study Says
High Rates of Missed Diagnoses of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Alcohol Taxes Up, Binge Drinking Down?
Binge Alcohol Ingestion Has Acute Immunomodulatory Effects
Methamphetamine Use Linked to Parkinson's Risk
ADHD May Raise Teens' Odds for Smoking, Drinking
Cocaine, Amphetamines May Up Injection Drug Users' Suicide Risk
Enforcement of Drunk Driving Laws Makes Roads Safer, Study Finds
Smoking May Make It Tougher to Quit Problem Drinking: Study
Fewer Bars and Liquor Stores, Less Domestic Violence: CDC
Fatal ODs From Narcotic Painkillers Have Tripled in U.S.
FDA Approves Abuse-Resistant Extended-Release Hydrocodone
Alcoholism Damages Brain's White Matter, Scans Show
Number of Pregnant Women on Narcotic Painkillers, Heroin Doubles, Study Finds
Cocaine Can Cause Heart Problems: Study
Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Your Heart an Unwelcome Buzz
ADHD Stimulant Drug Abuse Common Among Young Adults: Survey
Chronic Pot Smoking May Alter Brain, Study Suggests
Prescription Painkillers Fueling Overdose Cases in ERs, Study Finds
ASN: Binge Drinking May Boost Blood Pressure in Young Men
Addiction Treatment Key to Curbing Violence in Mentally Ill: Study
Bro Alert: Too Much Booze May Harm Your Sperm
Anti-Smoking Policies May Also Curtail Drinking
PTSD Link to Food Addiction Seen in Report
Mechanism Proposed for Nicotine Gateway Hypothesis
U.S. to Tighten Access to Certain Narcotic Painkillers
Robin Williams' Death Shines Light on Depression, Substance Abuse
Clues to How Heavy Drinking in Pregnancy Harms Child's Brain
Hx of Alcohol Use Disorder Ups Odds of Memory Impairment
Civilian Life, Not Combat, May Drive Many Veterans to Drink
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