What is JAMHI?

Juneau Alliance for Mental Health, Inc., (JAMHI) is the state-designated Community Behavioral Health Center for Juneau and the outlying communities of Gustavus, Elfin Cove, and Tenakee Springs.  JAMHI is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive services for persons experiencing mental illness and those with co-occurring problems such as substance use disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.


JAMHI prioritizes individualized care.  We are committed to providing services in a welcoming, accessible, and comprehensive manner to best meet your needs.  Our staff is here to help you identify and achieve your personalized goals for recovery and self-determination.  While we primarily serve adults with severe and chronic mental illness, and those with co-occurring disorders, we also serve adults with “general mental health” issues and concerns.


JAMHI is guided by a comprehensive set of policies and procedures.  Our policies and procedures are available upon request. 

What are the Hours of Operation?

·       Monday – Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM

·       To access after-hour mental health emergency services, call 907-463-3303 or go to Bartlett Regional Hospital Emergency Department.


What is a Mental Health Emergency?

A mental health emergency is when:

·       A person is experiencing a mental illness and can reasonably be expected to harm self or someone else in the near future, or

·       A person is unable to meet their basic needs due to mental illness and is of risk of harm, or

·       The person’s judgment is so impaired that he/she is unable to understand the need for treatment and their condition is expected to result in harm to self or another in the near future. 


If you have a mental health emergency, you should seek help immediately.  At any time during the day or night call:  907-463-3303.


If you are having a medical emergency, go to the Bartlett Regional Hospital Emergency Department or call:  911.


What services does JAMHI provide?

JAMHI provides services to adults with mental health concerns. Services vary in type and level of intensity, depending on a person’s needs.  Persons served are encouraged to work with their clinician or case manager to develop a plan for services and treatment which best suits their needs.  Some of the services JAMHI offers are:


1.    Emergency Mental Health Services: JAMHI provides 24/7 on-call response with immediate screening and psychiatric crisis intervention for mental health emergencies. These are provided to individuals during an acute mental health crisis episode and are generally provided in the Emergency Department at Bartlett Regional Hospital.  These evaluations aid in the determination of whether an individual (youth or adult) is in need of hospitalization. 

2.    Outpatient Mental Health Services: JAMHI provides Outpatient Mental Health services which include clinical assessments, individual and group brief therapy.


3.    Medical and Nursing Services: Psychiatric care is provided at the JAMHI Clinic and offsite, at JAMHI Group Home locations.  It includes psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and case consultation. A Registered Nurse (RN) provides nursing services to screen for any psychiatric and medication side effect symptoms, and oversees medications provided to those residing in JAMHI Residential Services.


4.    Psycho-Social Rehabilitation/Case Management Services:  A team of case managers and clinicians provides community support through outreach services for severely mentally ill adults.  Case management includes training in life skills and other supports that encourage independent living. Coordination of services with other organizations in the community is a key element of service. 


5.    Drop-In Center:  The Drop-In Center is located at the Lodge (up the driveway from the main JAMHI building on Glacier Hwy), and is open from 12:00PM (noon) to 1:30PM Monday – Friday. The Drop-In Center provides a daily lunch to JAMHI clients and others interested in JAMHI services, at no charge. Interpersonal communication skills, socialization, and good nutrition are encouraged and supported.


6.    Residential Services: JAMHI has a continuum of housing, from highly structured group homes to independent living apartments.  Clinical and case management services support the goals of recovery and independence. This continuum of housing allows clients to transition to more structured or less structured levels of care as their needs require.


·         It is important to note that certain government funding restrictions apply to some JAMHI housing facilities, which may limit access to housing for some persons.


·         Eligibility for JAMHI Residential Services is determined on an individual basis, according to level of need.





How do I obtain services at JAMHI? 

·       Contact JAMHI at 907-463-3303 or stop by the Clinic at 3406 Glacier Hwy. to schedule an appointment.

·       Bring a list of all medications and dosages you are currently taking to your first appointment.

·       Bring any insurance information to your first appointment.


What if I need special accommodations?

JAMHI strives to accommodate all requests for reasonable accommodations.  JAMHI utilizes Pacific Interpreters to assist non-English speaking individuals.  Our TTY number is 463-6848, for persons experiencing hearing impairment.  Please contact JAMHI staff for further assistance regarding special accommodations.


How much do JAMHI services cost?

JAMHI provides affordable mental health services to all.  JAMHI will not deny services to those unable to pay. 
We accept all major insurances including Alaska Medicaid and Medicare. JAMHI utilizes a sliding-fee scale for those who do not have insurance. 


How long will I receive treatment services?

The length of time in treatment depends on your individual treatment plan created by you and your primary clinician or case manager. In general, counseling at JAMHI is short term, solution focused, and builds on your personal strengths. Planning for discharge from treatment is part of your treatment plan and generally occurs following achievement of treatment goals. Participation in treatment at JAMHI is completely voluntary.  Discharge occurs when someone completes their treatment plan goals or discontinues participation in services.  





Are JAMHI services confidential?

All services and records at JAMHI are confidential, as mandated by federal and state laws, HIPAA regulations and 42 C.F.R. Part 2. Protected Health Information will not be released without the client’s written consent, except under the following circumstances:


·         Child abuse/neglect is identified or suspected.


·         The client is in a state of medical emergency that necessitates disclosure of information to medical personnel.


·         If the client threatens to harm someone, the intended victim and the police will be notified.


·         Information from client’s record is requested through a valid court order naming a specific individual (the client).



Please be aware that staff may listen to information about you, volunteered by an outside source, however, your information will not be shared with that source unless you have signed a release permitting disclosure. Additional information regarding confidentiality issues may be obtained by calling (907) 463-3303, and asking to speak with the Privacy Officer.



What is the procedure for expressing a grievance or complaint?

JAMHI has an established policy and procedure for handling client complaints and grievances, including an appeals process. All clients will receive this information at the time of their first appointment. All clients have a right to communicate any grievance or alleged violation of rights and to have that grievance investigated.



Does JAMHI have a Code of Ethics?

All JAMHI employees, students, volunteers, and contractors are expected to adhere to the JAMHI Code of Ethics for professional conduct, delivery of quality service, and accountability.  JAMHI employees are committed to a belief that all people should be treated with respect and dignity.  JAMHI clients will not be discriminated against or refused services on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, sex, disability, religion, national affiliation, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.  JAMHI is committed to eliminating stigma towards persons experiencing mental illness.


JAMHI makes it a priority to safeguard all client information. No client information will be released without a completed, written authorization from the client unless it is an emergency situation, or involves the abuse or neglect of children.  JAMHI is mandated to report any known or suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children to the Office of Children’s Services (OCS).  Upon termination or resignation from JAMHI, employees shall maintain client and co-worker confidentiality and shall hold confidential any sensitive situations which may have arisen within the agency.


JAMHI is committed to delivering quality services utilizing available community resources and employees’ scope of training.


JAMHI adheres to honest business practices.  Each employee is responsible for recognizing the limitations of his/her competence and will not provide services or use procedures for which he/she is not familiar or appropriately trained.


Relationships between JAMHI employees and clients will be maintained in a professional manner.  JAMHI employees are to refrain from behaviors that are exploitive and potentially damaging to a client either financially, romantically, sexually, physically, or emotionally. 

JAMHI employees are required to report to their supervisor situations which may cause potential harm or psychological damage to JAMHI clients.


JAMHI employees will not solicit or accept gifts from clients or vendors.  JAMHI employees will not give personal money or gifts to clients.  If a conflict of interest arises, it will be reported immediately to the supervisor. 


Please talk to a JAMHI employee to view the complete JAMHI Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy. 


What rights do I have to receive services?

JAMHI continuously supports and protects the fundamental human, civil, constitutional, and statutory rights of each client.  Each client’s personal dignity and autonomy are respected in provision of services.


While in the care of JAMHI, I have the right to:

·       Be treated with respect and dignity, and receive helpful treatment regardless of my gender, cultural orientation, psychological characteristics, sexual orientation, physical situation, ethnicity, sensory disabilities, and/or spiritual beliefs.


·       Be free from abuse, neglect, retaliation, humiliation, and other exploitation.


·       Give informed consent or refusal, or expression of choice regarding:  services and programs available, release of information, concurrent services, and choice of providers.


·       Have rules, regulations, and information about my treatment explained in a manner that is understandable to me.


·       Receive and examine an explanation of billing, regardless of payor source.


More information about your rights is contained in the “Statement of Client Rights and Responsibilities” Form in the intake packet and will be reviewed annually with you.



While in the care of JAMHI, I have the responsibility to:

1.    Actively participate in treatment.

2.    Inform my clinician or case manager of emotions, events, or commitments which may affect treatment.

3.    Maintain the confidentiality of other clients I may encounter at JAMHI facilities.

4.    Be on time for appointments and/or give 24-hour notice if I cannot make an appointment.

5.    Provide insurance information, Medicaid coupons, or financial information to determine reduced rates. If I choose not to provide this information, I will be responsible for payment of the full amount.  JAMHI bills monthly.


Violence, threats, or verbal abuse are not tolerated and may result in the removal from JAMHI programs.


What are JAMHI’s Rules and Regulations?

1.    Clients who are more than 5 minutes late for a doctor appointment may not be seen. If the client is unable to be seen, their appointment will be rescheduled. Regular/frequent “no shows” or last minute cancellations may result in service restrictions.

2.    Lost or stolen controlled medications will not be refilled.

3.    Clients will not bring any weapons into the JAMHI Clinic or any other JAMHI building.

4.    Individuals appearing to be too impaired to drive will be reported to Juneau Police Department if seen getting behind the wheel of an automobile.  Identification as a JAMHI client will not be made.

5.    JAMHI staff will not use e-mail as a way to communicate with clients.




How can I give feedback on the quality of services received?

JAMHI invites you to provide feedback regarding quality of care through annual client satisfaction surveys. You may also make comments on the Client Status Review which is completed at the time of your treatment plan review.  JAMHI has a suggestion box located in the lobby and a feedback tool on the JAMHI website, www.jamhi.org.    


What if I have questions or concerns?

Don’t hesitate to contact JAMHI staff at 907-463-3303. 


Other Resources:

·         Careline-Crisis Intervention:  1-877-266-4357


·         National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


·         SEARHC:  463-4040


·         Glory Hole Shelter:  586-4159


·         Polaris House:  780-6775


·         NAMI-Juneau:  463-5227


·         Juneau Job Center:  465-4562


·         Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:  465-8943


·         Rainforest Recovery Center:  796-8690


·         Bartlett Regional Hospital:  796-8900


·         AWARE Shelter:  586-1090


Clinic Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

 By Phone
(907) 463-3303
(855) 463-3303 - Toll Free

(907) 463-6846 - TTY

By Fax
(907) 463-6858

By Email

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