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Health Tip: Should I Bandage a Wound? - 2015-07-03
"Severity, size and location will help determine answer" More

Health Tip: Keep Kids Safe Outdoors - 2015-07-03
"Always make sure they're supervised" More

Worse Survival With Chemo Dose Reduction in Ovarian Cancer - 2015-07-02
"Chemotherapy dose reduction is associated with worse survival in ovarian cancer, according to a study published online July 2 in JAMA Oncology." More

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Offer Multiple Benefits - 2015-07-02
"Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, frequently utilized by emergency medicine physicians and designed to help identify patients who "doctor shop" for prescriptions, are used to guide clinical decisions and opioid prescribing, as well as to facilitate discussions and provide patient education. The findings were published in the June issue of Pain Medicine." More

Orkambi Approved for Cystic Fibrosis - 2015-07-02
"When disease caused by mutated gene from each parent " More

Rapid Response Guidelines May Improve Children's Stroke Care - 2015-07-02
"Researchers report treatment recommendations got kids evaluated faster in ER." More

Behind Many High-Achieving Children... - 2015-07-02
"Is a parent who nurtured their development, study suggests." More

Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Shows Some Promise in Study - 2015-07-02
"Lung function benefit was slight, but even keeping lungs stable would be improvement, experts say." More

Sex Differences in CHD Event Risk Vary by Race - 2015-07-02
"Whites have larger sex differences in the risk of incident coronary heart disease events than blacks, according to a study published online July 1 in the Journal of the American Heart Association." More

Antipsychotic Use Up for Teens, Young Adults From 2006 to 2010 - 2015-07-02
"From 2006 to 2010 there was an increase in antipsychotic medication use among adolescents and young adults, according to a study published online July 1 in JAMA Psychiatry." More

Once-Daily 3.0 mg Liraglutide Tied to Reduction in Body Weight - 2015-07-02
"A once-daily dose of 3.0 mg liraglutide, injected subcutaneously, is associated with greater reduction in body weight than placebo, according to a study published in the July 2 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine." More

Weight Loss + Vitamin D3 Cuts IL-6 in Postmenopausal Women - 2015-07-02
"Weight loss of 5 percent or more, combined with vitamin D3 supplementation, is associated with significant reductions in interleukin-6 in postmenopausal women, according to a study published recently in Cancer Prevention Research." More

Additional Years of Secondary Schooling Can Cut HIV Risk - 2015-07-02
"Additional years of secondary schooling provide a cost-effective HIV prevention measure in Botswana, according to a study published online June 28 in The Lancet Global Health." More

Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds - 2015-07-02
"But, due to aging population, actual number of cancer deaths is rising." More

Mass Killings, School Shootings in U.S. May Be 'Contagious' - 2015-07-02
"These events appear to inspire similar tragedies afterward, study suggests." More

3951 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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