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MRI Can Be Painful, Disruptive With Cochlear Implants - 2014-11-21
"Some people with cochlear implants experience pain, discomfort, and problems with the implant's internal magnet when they undergo magnetic resonance imaging, according to a study published online Nov. 20 in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery." More

U.S. Proposes Greater Public Access to Clinical Trial Data - 2014-11-21
"Two U.S. government agencies have proposed new rules that will make it easier for everyone to know whether a clinical trial was successful or not." More

Rare Variant Burden in ALS Genes Influences Disease Onset - 2014-11-21
"Rare and potentially pathogenic variants in known amyotrophic lateral sclerosis genes are present in a considerable proportion of patients with familial and sporadic disease, and the burden of variants influences disease onset, according to a study published online Nov. 7 in the Annals of Neurology." More

Prosocial Internet Support Group Not Beneficial for Breast Cancer - 2014-11-21
"A prosocial Internet support group that encourages breast cancer survivors with elevated anxiety or depression to help others may not be beneficial, according to a study published online Nov. 17 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology." More

Review: Ketogenic Diets Suppress Appetite Despite Weight Loss - 2014-11-21
"A review of evidence supports that ketogenic diets suppress appetite despite weight loss. The research was published online Nov. 17 in Obesity Reviews." More

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment So Successful in Kids That Trial Is Halted - 2014-11-21
"Hydroxyurea pills worked as well as transfusions in reducing stroke risk, researchers report." More

Restroom Hand Dryers Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels, Study Finds - 2014-11-21
"Bacteria counts in the air around the machines far exceeded those around paper dispensers." More

Special Ambulance Delivers Vital Stroke Care More Quickly - 2014-11-21
"Patients were six times more likely to get clot-busting drug within 'golden' hour of first symptoms in German study." More

Being the Boss Tied to Depression Risk for Women, But Not Men - 2014-11-21
"Women in powerful positions may be judged harshly, researcher says." More

Health Tip: Check Stress at the Office - 2014-11-21
"Keep smiling at the job " More

Hookahs Deliver Toxic Benzene in Every Puff, Study Shows - 2014-11-21
"Even nonsmoking bystanders had raised blood levels of the chemical, which is tied to leukemia risk." More

Senior-to-Senior Aggression Common in U.S. Nursing Homes - 2014-11-21
"Up to one in five residents involved in unpleasant, sometimes inappropriate confrontations, N.Y. study suggests." More

Flu Season Off to a Slow Start ... for Now - 2014-11-21
"Get vaccinated, health experts say, because it takes about two weeks for protection to kick in." More

FDA Approves Abuse-Resistant Extended-Release Hydrocodone - 2014-11-20
"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Hysingla ER (hydrocodone bitartrate), an abuse-resistant, extended-release form of hydrocodone." More

Cost of Diabetes Care Keeps Climbing - 2014-11-20
"The cost of diabetes care in the United States has increased 48 percent in recent years, climbing to more than $322 billion annually, according to research published in the December issue of Diabetes Care." More

3293 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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