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Evidence-Based Recs Issued for Systemic Care in Psoriasis - 2014-12-18
"For appropriately selected patients with psoriasis, combining biologics with other systemic treatments, including phototherapy, oral medications, or other biologic, may result in greater efficacy with minimized toxicity, according to research published online Dec. 17 in JAMA Dermatology." More

Arriving Now at Gate 42: Measles - 2014-12-18
"CDC report of transmission in U.S. air terminal shows how easily the virus can spread." More

Study Supports Benefit of Widely Used Glaucoma Drug - 2014-12-18
"Prostaglandin analogue eye drops can slow deterioration of vision that comes with the disease." More

Most States Not Ready to Handle Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Report - 2014-12-18
"Ebola, mumps, other illnesses suggest public health systems need strengthening, researchers say." More

Medical Marijuana Helpful for Cancer-Linked Symptoms - 2014-12-18
"Cannabis and cannabinoid pharmaceuticals can be helpful for nausea and vomiting, pain, and weight loss associated with cancer, according to research published online Dec. 10 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians." More

Study Explores Effects of Metformin in Obese Children - 2014-12-18
"For obese hyperinsulinemic children, metformin seems to decrease perceived hunger and increase perceived fullness, according to a study published online Dec. 8 in Diabetes Obesity, and Metabolism." More

Frail Elderly Might Benefit From High-Dose Flu Shot - 2014-12-18
"Ramped-up vaccine elicits greater immune response, study finds." More

Being Fit Keeps Blood Pressure in Check - 2014-12-18
"Those in poorest shape were more likely to have high blood pressure, study found." More

Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause May Raise Hip Fracture Risk Later: Study - 2014-12-18
"Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection." More

Scratch From Pet Rat Kills Child; CDC Warns of Risk - 2014-12-18
"'Rat-bite fever' also sickened 16 others in 2000-2012 in San Diego County alone, report noted." More

Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Certain Skin Cancers, Study Finds - 2014-12-18
"But medications such as ibuprofen pose their own risks, experts say." More

Many Flu Infections Aren't Good Match for Vaccine: CDC - 2014-12-18
"But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection." More

Health Tip: Eating Disorder Can Hurt Your Child - 2014-12-18
"Here are possible health consequences " More

Sensitive Parenting May Boost Kids' Social Skills, School Performance - 2014-12-18
"Researchers found the positive effect lingered into adulthood." More

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk - 2014-12-18
"Expert notes, however, that potential threat is small." More

3321 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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